3 Pairs of Felt Tongue Pads for Shoes Size Large



Breathable Cotton Material: Our shoe tongues are Made In USA using the finest grade of super soft cotton blend for ultra-comfort. Ergonomic Design: These tongue pads gently and perfectly cushions the instep of your feet to prevent rubbing and chaffing for complete comfort. Unisex Shoe Saver: Balance out looseness for all kinds of footwear. Prevent discomfort, rubbing and slipping from working boots, hiking shoes, sneakers, dress shoes, slip-ons and much more. How To Use: Super easy to apply! Simply peel off protective adhesive backing and apply it to the tongue of the shoe. Our adhesive stays firm. To remove, gently and slowly peel off. They are designed to be removed without leaving any trace. Includes: 3 Pairs of Large Size tongue cushion pads. These can be trimmed for a perfect fit.


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