Bright Rainbow Shoelaces?2?lengths?516 inches??width 1 Pair Pack



1 centimeters high 9 centimeters wide Our?shoelaces?are?extremely?wear-resistant.?You?do?not?need?to?worry?that?they?will?quickly?wear?out?and?break?apart.?You?also?do?not?need?to?worry?that?their?color?will?be?worn?away,?as?they?are?extremely?durable.? The?display?photo?has?an?explanation?of?how?to?choose?the?length.?? ?Rainbow color designs and soft texture with impeccable craftsmanship. ?Proper length which is suitable for Sneakers, Sports Shoes , Canvas Shoes. ?Pack of 2 Value Meals.Dyed with the minimal chemical. Vivid colors great for mix and match, and truly catches people eyes; to help reduce waste in our environment, laces come with eco-friendly packaging


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