Little Mae’s Boutique Brown Flower Thong Toddler Girl Squeaky Sandals Shoes



PU Leather & Leather Rubber sole Heel measures approximately 4.7 inches ENTERTAINING AND GREAT FOR SAFETY: Squeaker shoes are fun toddler shoes that squeak every time your little one takes a step. Not only will they put a smile on your little one’s face, but you will know where they are…especially important when you are out in public. Squeaky shoes encourage movement and exploration and are also a great motivator for first walkers. These toddler girl shoes fit from 9 months old up to four years old, depending on the size of your child. ENCOURAGES PROPER HEEL TO TOE WALKING: Help your soon-to-be toddler learn to walk correctly by promoting healthy walking. The baby shoes will squeak when your child walks correctly from heel to toe. The exciting sound will inspire them to continue to walk properly. This makes our shoes the ideal baby walking shoes. REMOVABLE SQUEAKERS: Do you love squeaky shoes for toddler girls but need them for quite times too? It’s simple to remove the squeakers! On the inside of each heel is a white round plastic piece. Just pull those out and you are set. When you want the squeaky sounds again, just insert the plastic squeakers. *Make sure to store them out of reach of your toddlers as they can be a choking hazard* FLEXIBLE RUBBER SOLE: Our flexible, non-slip soles make these shoes comfortable, easy to walk in, and are important for first walkers. SYNTHETIC LEATHER UPPER, AUTHENTIC LEATHER INSOLE: These hot pink toddler sandals for girls have real leather insoles, which make the shoe very comfortable and soft for kids. The upper is made of microfiber leather and faux suede which wears well with lots of use.


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