M+M UltraShock Oval Shoe Laces for Sneakers – 2 Pair Pack Sneaker Laces and Kids Shoe Laces – USA Made



100% Polyester ?? ?? ?? BUY USA-MADE: Designed in Brooklyn, NY. Made in the USA. 2 pairs (4 laces). Standard width athletic shoe laces. Great for men, women, and kids. Got a little tyke? These work well as toddler shoe laces. ???PREMIUM COLORS & QUALITY: These premium Oval athletic shoelaces brighten any pair of casual or athletic shoes. It’s also the perfect way to add a pop of color to your lace up boots, sneakers, tennis shoes, and trainers. If you’re looking for black shoe laces, gray shoelaces, 54 inch shoe laces, or neon green shoe laces, we got you covered. ???STAYS TIED, WON’T UNTIE: Don’t suffer from shoe laces that won’t stay tied! Our laces are satisfaction guaranteed. Return for refund if you’re not happy. Plus, these designer colored laces are sourced from leading US-based manufacturers. ??????????????????STANDARD WIDTH AND FIT: Fits a variety of shoes, from your favorite running shoes to your casual kicks. Oval shape and strong weave in curated color options brightens it up. Everything from the standards to the more exotic are available: white shoelaces for sneakers, green shoelaces, grey shoe laces for sneakers, red shoe laces, navy shoe laces, yellow laces, and red laces. It’s a rainbow! ??? MEASURE YOUR EXISTING LACES FOR AN ACCURATE FIT: We recommend removing and measuring the length of the shoe laces you’ll be replacing. Generally speaking, 45 is a standard length for sneakers and 54 for high tops. It depends on how many eyelets your shoe has and how wide/loose you like to lace up your kicks. Your search for long shoe laces ends here!


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