Saphir Renovateur Shoe Polish- All-Purpose Conditioner Luxury Leather Care Balm



Imported RENOVATEUR: A pigment free leather hydrator that softens and nourishes shoes, boots or bags with essential nutrients. This product provides effective cleaning and polishing for your precious footwear and other leather accessories. FORMULA: This gentle, exclusive formula nourishes leather with mink oil, lanolin and beeswax without solvents. The Renovateur is known for exceptional cleaning, conditioning, smoothing, removing loose pigment & polishing. EASY-TO-USE: Apply this product to clean leather with a chamois cloth to provide a gentle cleaning or conditioning between wears, wait 3 minutes and polish. Saphir??s Renovateur is safe to use on all skins and leathers, even exotics. HIGH QUALITY: This product conditions and cleans special types of delicate leather. Imported from France, Saphir??s Renovateur Polish will keep your fine leather in its best condition. SAPHIR: Made in France, Saphir was founded in 1920 as a worldwide leader in quality leather care and renovation products. Since then, Saphir has continued to excel by continuously developing their leather care products to fit their customer’s needs.


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