Sock It To Me Knee High Funky Socks: Bugs and Insects



IN TOUCH WITH NATURE – If you’re feeling a little bit out of touch with Mother Nature, these are the perfect socks to get you back into the Earth vibe. Wear them as reminders to do ecofriendly things like recycling and unplugging the toaster. ALWAYS HAVE FUN – Do you have a strict dress code at work or school? Spice up that stifling uniform with your own little secret. Sneak these socks underneath of your suit pants or boots. No one will be the wiser and you’ll be getting that release of individuality. Fits women’s shoe size 5-10 QUALITY MADE – These socks aren’t just beautiful and comfortable, but they’re also made from a high quality material blend. If you’re used to wearing holes in your socks, don’t fret. These socks will stay strong and make you proud. SIMPLE GIFTING – Socks are universally one of the best gifts for that tough person to buy for. They need socks at some point right? And the idea is to get them fun socks that they’ll love wearing, making you the ultimate gift giving hero. Everyone wins!


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