Toddler Baby Socks 16 Pair Cotton Infant Socks For Boys Girls



?The Toddler Girls Socks wear well (how active does a newborn really get) and hold their shape and elasticity very well after several washings. ?Toddler Ankle Socks are soft, and sweet, like a crew sock on a newborn baby with a bit of room to spare in the foot. ?Toddler Socks Girls are functional white ankle socks. Toddler Socks are not as short as no show socks. Toddler Baby Socks are pretty thin, which is nice for summer. ?Cute little toddler baby socks that keep the newborn’s toes cozy warm. They fit well, stay up well, wash easy/well, and look good. ?Toddler Socks Boys are really good socks nice and soft they are not that thick but still love them because there breathable. Great with sneakers.


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