Kaiback Women’s Lakeside Sport Flip Flop Sandal – Women??s Comfort Footwear



Rubber sole ADAPTIVE FOOTWEAR: When we say our sandals can be used for a variety of outdoor activities, we mean it! Use our sandals out hiking, on a boat, at the beach, or even for just walking around the block. Wherever your life??s journey takes you, have peace of mind knowing that you’re wearing sandals that can provide you with the best comfort possible! QUALITY MATERIALS: Unlike cheap, outdoor shoes that wear and tear after a couple of months, our flip-flop sandals are made with high-quality materials that won??t break when you least expect it. We make the sole out of hard, waterproof rubber and the straps are made of a neoprene/poly blend for extreme comfort. The bottom is made of durable rubber tread that grips easily to surfaces. COMFORTABLE INSOLES: You want an outdoor shoe that doesn??t do a number on the soles of your feet after only a couple of hours. Our lightweight sandals are made with a soft but durable insole that feels like you??re laying your foot on a bed made of thin memory foam. With this much quality in our insole alone, it??s no wonder that our sandals are some of the best on the market! OPEN-TOE, SLIP-ON SANDALS: Our sandals come in a variety of sizes that can fit adolescent girls and older women. These sandals are perfect during the summer for outdoor activities like a backyard barbeque, a night on the town, or even just lounging around, basking in the sun. Simply slide them on and go about your day without worrying about them slipping off or coming loose. UNBELIEVABLE FOOT SUPPORT: You can even wear them with socks for a bit of added comfort. However you choose to flaunt our sandals, you still can walk around in them all day without feeling even a twinge of pain in your feet. Walk confidently with our stylish sandals without the fear of dealing with stiff muscle pain that can come from wearing cheap sandals that don??t provide enough arch support.


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