New Balance Sport High Impact Women’s Athletic Insoles



DESIGNED FOR: Female athletes who need durable comfort and long-lasting support. RECOMMENDED SHOE TYPE: Fits best in women’s athletic footwear and training shoes. These insoles are made to replace the original factory liner. GAME-CHANGING COMFORT FOR FEMALE ATHLETES: Made especially to fit women’s feet, with a slimmer heel and shorter arch length, these insoles add cushioning and shape where your feet need it most, so you can focus on being your best. Added forefoot cushioning provides a bouncy feel underfoot, while adding protection for high impact activities. Sculpted heel cup cradles the heel and provides extra protection and increased shock absorption. MOISTURE-WICKING DESIGN: New Balance Insoles are engineered to control odor and minimize friction. SHAPED BY SUPERFEET: New Balance Insoles are made with Superfeet shape ?? the orthotic shape recognized worldwide for providing a supportive, energizing foundation.


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